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Miguel Canto


California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
Emphasis: Public Relations
Master’s Degree in Progress at University of La Verne
Leadership and Management

Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator

About The Global Creative
The Dalai Lama said, “If we really want the next millennium to be happier, more peaceful and more harmonious for humankind we will have to make the effort to make it so. This is in our hands, but especially in the hands of the younger generation.” Not only is this a powerful quote, but it also represents a notion that has inspired two of my very talented friends, Amy and Rachael. Besides being insanely skilled at anything involving scissors and glue, Rachael Geiger and Amelia Pacheco are teachers. And besides being just teachers, they’ve taken it upon themselves to do more.

Global issues have always been important to them, and as they spent more time in the classroom it became clear that this was a passion they wanted to pass along to their students. And, really, what better way to do that than with creativity at the forefront? So in addition to making captivating lesson plans and making them available to teachers everywhere, the Global Creative has branched out to inspire the community. Right now the Global Creative is focused on monthly community based art evenings called 'WE MAKE' which take place on the last Wednesday of each month in Long Beach, California. They have partnered with Yellow 108 for art nights (and much more to come!).

The Global Creative's formula is simple, and the end result has the power to make real change: encourage communities to be creative, give teachers easy access to engaging lesson plans that inform students of global issues, teach about other cultures and inspire them to work towards a more tolerant world.

Written by: Cheyenne Arnold

Amelia Pacheco
California State University Long Beach
Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies
Emphasis: Education and Global Politics
National University
Master’s Degree in Education
California Teaching Credential in Special Education

Current Teaching Assignment:
Education Specialist at Gahr High School
Subjects: ETC Laboratory/ Multiple Subjects
Advisor for: Key Club

Rachael Geiger
California State University Long Beach
Bachelor's Degree in Art
Emphasis: Education
California Teaching Credential in Art Education

Current Teaching Assignment:
Art Educator: Gahr High School
Subjects: Multimedia, Ceramics and Digital Art
Advisor for: Fashion Etc. Club
Multimedia Club