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For those of you that missed us at our first workshop @howladventures you truly haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this new event space in DTLB! Please join us and many other local vendors next month for the official launch party! #yellowlove #blog

Posted on: Fri, 20 Feb 2015

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As educators, we never want our students to feel like their education is irrelevant. Connecting curriculum to contemporary issues and promoting creativity can help students become engaged learners. Our motive behind creating curriculum is to provide teachers with modern materials and students with an experience they relate to. In order for positive and ethically motivated change to occur in both global and local communities, value should be placed on education and empowering the world's youth culture.

Why Art?

Our plan relies on creativity as a vehicle to reach students, teachers and the global community because of its universal appeal. Art takes many forms yet can still be recognized and appreciated anywhere in the world. Art has no language barriers, age requirement and knows no prejudice. It is for these reasons, and our shared love for art, that we feel creative projects will unite the community and get students motivated.

Mission Statement

At The Global Creative we are committed to inspiring creativity and encouraging global awareness. Through project-based learning activities that explore different cultures, societies, ideologies, global issues and movements, students will have the opportunity to see the world and their education with new perspectives. By using the existing educational system and incorporating new strategies we will create effective, engaging and inspirational lesson plans.